Wednesday, January 30, 2008

well you knowwhat i figure, this iswhy we try and we stop trying: we have created this image in our headwhat love should be. and we find someone and they remotely resemble whatwe expect we hang on in hope that they wil become our perfect lover andwhen they don't, we dissapoint ourselves and either give up or keep ongoing. or worse,we go looking elsewhere for this image we've created,this belief thats so deeply ingrained and realise too late, thateverything we've been looking for has been right under our nose. its amatter of not dwelling from the past - you learn from it. its about notliving in the future - you live for it. this is some original stuff,from yours truly. haha. so basically - there is no right or wronganswer. you follow you heart, in that moment. dont worry about tomorrowor what happened yesterday. do what feels right at that moment.


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